Shut-in and Still Painting Contest

Monthly Art Show/Contest hosted by WaterMediaGallery

About our Contests

WaterMediaGallery (WMG) announces 3 inaugural exhibitions for Summer 2020.  Enter any or all shows by the end of the month for the following month’s show.

  • Enter one, 2 or all 3 months
  • Receive 100% of all sales
  • $10 per month for up to 3 paintings
  • Multiple prizes each month
  • Enter now! Take advantage of longer exposure for your artwork. The sooner you enter, the longer your work will be on our site. Photos of your artwork, once approved, will appear in the website gallery within a couple of days.
  • Independent, expert jurors (WMG) proudly announces 3 monthly virtual art competitions open to all artists working in all mediums. These artworks will be exhibited on and artists work may be for sale for the duration of each show.

Details for entry of all competitions:

All mediums welcome (including jewelry, sculpture, collage, works on paper, works on other substrates)

$10 entry fee per month for up to 3 paintings

Cash and in-kind prizes

This is an opportunity to sell your work on, should you wish.

Any artwork sold will realize 100% of the artist’s asking price!  No commission on sales.

Art shown concurrently on other websites or galleries may be included and marked NFS

Price should include tax and shipping fee.

Work may be painted in class or workshop

*Paintings should be listed with no frame to expedite shipping, should it sell during the exhibition.

**You may enter any competition at any time prior to its jury date.

See Photographing Your Paintings, below


Monthly awards:

1st $50 + 3 month trial subscription + training to set up store

2nd 3 month trial subscription + training to set up store

3rd 3 month trial subscription + training to set up store

Honorable Mentions


WMG Inaugural Art Competition

Theme: Shut In, Still Painting

Any artwork created during Coronavirus shut-in.  (Art shown concurrently on other websites or galleries may be included and marked NFS.)


Enter any time prior to June 30
Independent juror Liz Hill will judge this show on July 1

Show will remain in gallery throughout July


Future competitions:

August Theme: Color, Whimsy, Surprise

Independent Juror Ksenia Annis will judge this show on August 1
Enter anytime on or before July 31

Artwork should depict fun/whimsy, lots of color or even the slightest element of surprise within the composition.

Special awards for this competition, set by Juror Artist Ksenia Annis:


Top winners – The most awesomely surprising story

– The most fun and bold approach to color

– The greatest feeling of whimsy and magic


Honorable mentions

– Effective use of pattern

– Innovative use of perspective

– The strongest rhythm

– Best use of geometric elements



September Theme: Old/New Favorites

Enter anytime on or before August 31

Independent Juror Martin Butler will judge this show September 1

Don’t you have some great artwork you’ve created over the years? You need not worry when you created your entry for September’s show. Look around—while you may show a new painting you also may show an old favorite.  Just enter up to 3 works of art that you are most proud of.


Photographing your entries

It is not necessary to worry about resolution of your photos.  Just photograph your painting with a cellphone or camera and send us a good .jpg.  By good we mean:

  • Photograph your artwork in bright shade
  • Crop it or photograph it so the image shows only your painting, not any background
  • Compare your photo to your painting when the painting is brightly lit. Be sure your image is photographed or edited so that it is as bright as your original painting (white whites, bright colors, etc.)

*This sales opportunity means if you post a painting for sale you must be ready to ship your painting should someone on the internet purchase it.  At we have experience with shipping and it is quite easy and affordable.  Here’s a link to show you our best shipping advice:

**BE SMART!  Enter now for any/all shows. The sooner your artwork is posted for upcoming exhibitions the longer it will remain available for sale on

WMG Contest Entry Form

Fee: Each competition is $10 for up to 3 entries Enter separately for each show!
  • First Piece

  • Second Piece

  • Third Piece

  • Allows you to enter up to 3 pieces.
  • $0.00
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