That’s it, your store is up and running – you’re ready to start taking orders.

Step 4: Manage Your Store

Add & manage products, view & manage orders, edit your store settings, view your store, and more – all through your personal dashboard.

Note: You can continually manage and edit any artwork in your store. Mark it sold if you find a buyer (you’ll get a red “Sold” flag when purchased). You can delete or make offline if you want to remove showing.

You will be notified by email within moments of sale so you can begin fulfillment of order.

You’ll also get payment email notification from PayPal.

Buyers will get an thank you email notification along with PayPal receipt.

Note: Your main dashboard screen gives you a quick snapshot of everything that has happened at your store – views, orders, reviews, sales reports, announcements, and lots more.

Note: Orders provide details you need about transaction; customer info, date, status, and more.

Pretty simple. Try it and see for yourself – it’s just $5 for the first three months.

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