It’s easy to set up & run your own online store – start selling directly to buyers

  • We’d love for you to join us if your work is any type of water media – and it’s your original art.
  • Only one artist per account and each artist may show only their own work.
  • All currency is in US Dollars, however as long as you have a PayPal account it doesn’t matter where you live.
  • While we provide a venue to show your art, sales are between you and the buyer. Whatever unique arrangements regarding sales or shipping/delivery you wish to make with your buyer is entirely up to you. Proceeds go directly to your PayPal account and you are responsible to ship orders promptly.
  • Once you join, you will be automatically billed monthly, beginning the day you join. You may cancel at any time. Your account will be cancelled at the following billing cycle.

Want to start selling your artwork?

We offer several seller subscriptions that make it easy to set up and run your own online gallery/store. You upload images of your work, price it, and provide some basic information. When it sells you keep 100% of the sale price.

We make it really easy – and help any way we can. We’re sure you’ll like it – if not you can cancel at any time.

Artist Membership Levels:

60 Day Free Trial

See how it works, try out the vendor dashboard for two months & list up to 5 pieces.

It’s Free

* Don’t wait – Limited Time Offer


Build your gallery and really start selling work – put up to 10 pieces online.

$10 per month


Build an even larger gallery and go to the next level allowing for up to 30 pieces.

$15 per month


Once you really get going – you can expand the size of your gallery up to 100 pieces.

$25 per month

You will choose your level when you first create your account. You will then be able to manage account, upgrade, or cancel from your dashboard.

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