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Wordsworth by Ruby Allen

Psyche Remix by Sydney Leveque

Kraken by Sydney Leveque


Woman by Sydney Leveque


Bird Series: Rose Breasted Grossbeak by John Andrea


Bird Series: American Robin by John Andrea


Bird Series: Ruby Throated Hummingbird by John Andrea


Pandemic Lethargy by Pat Waughtal


Take Time to Smell the Flowers by Pat Wauchtal

Awesome Beauty by Pat Waughtal


Old Tale by Irene Sheytman


Having Fun! by Irene Sheytman

Flowers from the Fence by Irene Sheytman


Horse by Myriam Mayshark

Parlor by Myriam Mayshark

Morning by Myriam Mayshark

Wisteria, artist Kanya Kelly

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