You make 100% of your sales!

We at are happy to give you you, the artist, 100% of your sale! Yes, 100%. We believe you deserve to enjoy the opportunity to “move” your work so that you can get busy and create more & more. We want you to be motivated to paint and what better motivator for an artist than sales?! It is our hope that we might continue this generous offer indefinitely by gaining enough artist/subscribers. Should we need to change this agreement, you will be notified well in advance!

What will it cost me?

Your only obligation to is a small monthly (or annual) fee.

How to price my work

Now, what about pricing? One of the most difficult jobs we artists face is putting a price on our work. So much goes into our paintings—materials, time, years of practice. Yet if we want to sell, we need to establish reasonable prices so that people can afford to buy. Are you already an established painter? is not here to dictate how much or how little you should charge for your work. We are, however, committed to helping you, the artist, benefit from your hard work.

Are you an established artist? Go for it.

Do you already have a pricing policy? If you are already established as an artist, you probably already know what your price points are. We welcome your expertise and encourage you to price your work consistent with previous sales.

Are you an emerging artist? Want some help with pricing? Below are some guidelines to get you started.

  • Price your work according to size. On this site, our measurements refer to the outside dimensions of the mat or canvas. We want our buyers to find it easy to purchase a frame and these are the dimensions they care about. If your matted watercolor is 11 x 14”, charge approximately the same price for all your 11 x 14” matted pieces.
  • Do your own research. Look at other artists’ work. Determine which artists are showing work at a similar level of accomplishment and experience as yours. Pay particular attention to those who sell. Check our website and other online websites. Visit brick and mortar galleries.
  • Give your artwork retail prices! Here at you pay yourself the commission but your prices must remain consistent when you sell elsewhere. When you sell your work elsewhere and that gallery demands a (typical) 40 to 50% commission, your prices need to remain consistent whether in a gallery or online. At YOU get your gallery commission. You get full retail price for your work. However, don’t let this fact tempt you to set unreasonably low prices. Should you decide to show your work at a gallery, you still need to realize a profit even when that gallery gets a commission. In other words, ask yourself if you sell your work on, are you paying yourself that gallery commission? If not, you should raise your prices.
  • Set your prices within the range of other artists. Please do not price your work lower than WaterMediaGallery’s other artists, expecting our buyers to want a bargain. is not seeking to become a bargain gallery. In fact, it is important to honor your work. If you do, others will too! Set your prices consistent with other artists and allow your buyer to realize your work has value!
  • Plan ahead. Build yourself a small annual price increase. Set your prices when you join WaterMediaGallery, then plan to increase your prices by 5 to 10% at your anniversary. Make yourself a chart and put it on your website like the late artist/educator Robert Genn! You can always change your mind next year, but this plan accomplishes two things. A) You know your artwork’s value will increase and B) someone considering the purchase of a painting will know if they buy it this year they will save.
  • Put your best foot forward. Do not list your weak paintings on While there are all kinds of artistic preferences out there and often the craziest artwork sells, if you look at a painting and think to yourself, “something seems wrong” or “maybe someone will like this even if I don’t,” you might want to set that one aside. If you care about your artistic reputation, post only artwork that you feel good about.

Please note the prices in this chart are only suggestions. We urge you to go no lower than these prices, but if your work already commands higher prices we honor your experience.

Remember, price according to outside dimensions

It is easiest, when getting started selling online/shipping, to stay within a 16 x 20” (or 20 x 16”) mat size or smaller. This size padded envelopes are widely available at many discount and grocery stores, however you might want to check out our blog post Packing Artwork for Shipping where you’ll discover a lightweight, affordable method of packaging your work.  Be certain you have your shipping materials on hand and ready to go when you list your artwork for sale.

It is a great help for buyers to have mats that fit into an over-the-counter, standard-size frame. This is not a strict policy but customers may appreciate the affordable option of a ready-made frame.

To get you started, 2023 pricing suggestions for standard mat sizes (outside dimensions):

Outside Dimensions*Price range**
20 x 16”$195-285
16 x 12”$165-250
14 x 11”$145-225
10 x 8”$55-125

*Outside Dimensions refer to the outside of a mat, canvas, clayboard, etc. This will reflect the frame size, should your customer wish to purchase a frame.           

** If your prices are previously established, please use your own pricing!

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