Artists wanting to sell their work should register as a “VENDOR”, not as a customer.



Want to start selling your artwork?

We offer several seller subscriptions that make it easy to set up and run your online gallery/store.
You upload images of your work, price it, and provide some basic information.
When it sells you keep 100% of the sale price.

It’s really easy – we’re sure you’ll like it – if not you can cancel at any time.

Artist Membership Levels:


Build your gallery and start selling work – put up to 12 pieces online.

$12 per month



Build an even larger gallery and go to the next level allowing for up to 32 pieces.

$18 per month

Annual Basic Seller

List up to 12 pieces per month. Save $24 off Basic Seller monthly over a 12 month period.

$120 per year

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