When you list a new painting or product, there are 2 boxes on your product page for you to describe your product. Shoppers need to know exactly what they’re buying!

Box 1, Right of image
Brief description. Name of painting, dimensions (height x width), the medium and support (on paper? canvas?). Matted? If yes, is it an archival, acid free mat? Archival mat. Image size 14 x 11, mat size 16 x 20

Sample 1
Pretty Flower, 10 x 7 transparent watercolor on paper, unmatted.

Sample 2
Mountain Stream Study, 20 x 16 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, ready for framing

Sample 3
Mary’s Portrait, Mixed watermedia on paper in archival mat. Image: 7 x 5, Mat: 10 x 8

Box 2, Under image
Bring the world into your experience as an artist, something most people only dream about but never know for themselves. People are interested in your experiences, your inspirations and your process.

Sample 1
I love bicycles and I love bright colors. The two together seem to keep me whistling the whole time I’m painting these bikes. Wouldn’t that make someone who already loves bicycles say to themselves, Oh! I love bright colors AND bicycles too! And then, maybe they’ll decide… I need this painting!

Sample 2
The sky was so beautiful when we visited the Grand Canyon one day, it made me wonder if I could capture it with my watercolors. So many colors in one sky! I couldn’t wait to get started with my painting.

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