Giclée is a high-resolution fine art reproduction. It is offered by many artists because they can provide a price advantage for those who wish to hang a beautiful piece of art without paying full price for an original. Because of recent improvements in printing methods, now printers can use a combination of permanent inks and archival papers to produce fade-resistant, archival, pigment-based inks on archival substrates. They so closely resemble the original work that even the artist cannot tell them apart!

There are 2 ways to offer your prints for sale.

  • Limited Edition

A Limited Edition Print is a reproduction based on a pre-determined small number of copies so that each might hold more future value. If a painting has a print series of 10 and the print being offered for sale is marked “3/10” the print is the third print of that series of 10. It is implied that no more than 10 will be printed. If there is no such marking it can be assumed the series is an open edition.

If you choose to offer limited edition it can be assumed you can charge a bit more for your prints that if you offer an Open Edition. However, it also requires you, the artist, to keep a log of exactly how many prints are created and sold, and to forever hold your promise that no more will ever be made available thereafter.

  • Open Edition

An Open Edition is a reproduction process with no intended limitation of the number prints that might be created in the future.

Original Artwork is art created by an artist’s hand from his/her own thoughts and references, providing unique new perspective on the subject. It is not a copy of someone else’s reference, painting or photograph. At we trust our artists will honor this standard of practice and if a work is inspired by that of a master, it should be attributed by titling the artwork as such:

“After Monet’s Water Lilies”

“After Van Gogh’s Sunflowers”

This is a way to honor such masters while at the same time acknowledging you were inspired by their work. It is assumed you would always create such artwork by featuring your own style of painting. If we at feel at any time you have actually copied the work of another artist, living or dead, we reserve the right to remove your painting at any time.

Our best advice: if another living photographer or artist, or one whose work is still under copyright, could recognize your painting as a derivative of their work, it is not appropriate to offer it on our site.

Watermedia is any media that can be diluted with water when used. Watermedia include watercolors, gouache and acrylic, among others. It is sometimes combined with other media, commonly collage.  Once dry, it need not be “liftable” to qualify as watermedia. 

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