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We met over the phone while working on another project. Susan had this vision of an online gallery and asked if Greg would have any interest in helping her with her dream. Greg thought it sounded pretty exciting, so that’s how it started. We’ve been collaborating for a couple years to get this website to the point we feel good about how it looks and works. We sincerely hope you will enjoy our efforts – whether as a selling artist – or as an buyer of art.

Life-long musician, painter, & teacher from Texas

Susan Giannantonio

Susan has been painting and studying watercolor for nearly 35 years. Her formal education in voice, piano and violin has greatly influenced her. She feels both music and painting demand a certain proficiency and, beyond that, what is most important is to let go and play. When an artist looks past the instruments and tools and is able to enjoy music and painting, the joy of the process will bring about one’s own voice. To play is to discover artistic potential.

Susan’s passion for painting began with studies in watercolor tradition of Philadelphia area artists. Later she studied at the Glassell School (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston) and the Watercolor Art Society-Houston where she has taught for several years.

She teaches summer studio classes and classes for veterans in Mayville, NY. During winter she teaches privately in Katy, TX and has been actively involved with the Watercolor Art Society-Houston as fundraiser, board member and instructor for nearly 20 years. She loves to teach watercolor and water media painting and also offers classes that help de-mystify the internet for artists.

Artist & Website Designer from Minnesota

Greg Kimmes

Greg graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing. After graduation he started his career as a commercial illustrator, later transitioned to graphic designer and has been a creative director for 20+ years. Today his focus is primarily on digital design and website development.

With a full-time career in marketing and two boys in hockey, Greg’s painting time is limited. Occasionally he is commissioned to do a painting. Once retired, Greg’s plan is to find more time to paint.

Over the years Greg has had opportunities to teach (both kids & adults) how to paint with watercolors. He has painted a dozen destinations made available as limited edition prints.

This website combines two of Greg’s passions – web design & watercolor painting. Hopefully our WaterMediaGallery efforts will help other artists do more of what they love to do – paint! – then share it with the world – & sell some of their work to art lovers.

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  1. Hi Susan, I am very interested in this because I know you personally. The last time I joined something like this about 8 years ago, the company folded and I never knew what happened to my images, because they never responded. This looks like a great opportunity for me here in Sulphur Springs, Tx. Now that I am living alone, I have plenty of time to paint, and I am pursuing watercolor avidly. I do not know how to set up a website and have not pursued that yet. Can I start this without a website? I have been doing some advertising on Facebook, but with very little success in selling. However, I did sell one of my Botanical mono prints this way. Yeah! How much do I need to invest in the Water Media Gallery? Good luck on this endeavor. I know it will be a success for you and Greg! I think I want to get on board!

    Pam Bravenec

    Pam Bravenec November 9, 2018 Reply

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