Do you actually store artwork at a facility and ship when sold?

No, each artist ships their own art once they receive notice that an order has been placed. 

Can you ship outside the United States?

Please contact the individual artist to determine their shipping capabilities. Direct emails are listed in each artist’s store. 


What if I don’t like a painting after I purchase it?

According to policy, artists are requested to refund your money minus 25% restocking fee once they receive their returned painting in good condition.  Be certain to repackage carefully and insure it for its full value. 

Can I make prints and cards from a painting that I purchase?

Sorry – No.  According to US Copyright Law, the rights to an image remains exclusively with the artist unless there is a clearly-stated, written and signed proof that rights to reproduction have been sold to or otherwise given by the artist to another party. In other words, only the artist may reproduce the painting. 


Can I commission a painting? (Maybe the one in the store doesn’t match your sofa)

Absolutely!  You may communicate directly with any artist on our site and make purchases or arrangements for additional work directly with them.  Just go to the Artist’s store to find their email. 



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