Why did we create WaterMediaGallery.com?

  1. So many folks love to paint watercolor and watermedia
  2. Everybody needs something beautiful for their wall
  3. We wish to make things easy for both art lovers and artists to buy and sell
  4. Many artists have numerous works of art with little opportunity to exhibit
  5. Many people would love to own something original and affordable but don’t have access to brick and mortar galleries
  6. Unlike an individual artist’s website, this collaborative site will draw numerous visitors. With new artwork and artists continually added to the site, site visits will inevitably grow exponentially over time.

Artists love to paint – not run websites

As artists continue to create beautiful work, many wish they could enjoy sales but find it difficult to make a connection with potential customers. Let’s face it – most would much rather paint than figure out how to set up and run a website. That’s where WaterMediaGallery.com comes in. We’ve built this site to makes it easier for you to have your own gallery/store. You still need to run it, but we make it as simple as possible so you can get your artwork online and start to sell it right away.

First, create an account – then digitally photograph your work – upload it – set a price – supply a little bit of information – and away you go!

When you sell a painting on WaterMediaGallery.com:

  1. You’ll immediately be notified of your sale by email
  2. Your entire asking price for your painting is sent directly to your PayPal account
  3. ASAP after notification of sale, you ship the artwork to your buyer and you’re finished!

Next step: get to work and paint another painting.  Painting, not sales/marketing, is what an artist is meant to do!

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