WaterMediaGallery.com’s co-founder Susan Giannantonio was invited to demonstrate favorite sketching techniques to quickly capture a scene.  Turns out, she feels painting quickly is a great way to loosen up and avoid tight, over-worked paintings. In fact, Susan thinks limiting the painting time is the best way to create fresh, gestural, impressionistic paintings.

First, Susan demonstrated several unique painting tools and methods she uses to do on-site plein air sketches. Then she challenged The Watercolor Art Society-Houston Thursday Senior’s Class to try their hand at 15 minute paintings! Using photos from a recent sketching trip, she changed the photo reference on the large classroom TV monitors every 15 minutes.  The result?  Artists quickly learn to put down the most important shapes, marks, values, colors.  And each time, they get more confident with their design and composition.  Check it out—they did great!

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